Book Haul – Fierce Reads Fall 2019 Tour

A few days ago, I posted about a super cool event hosted by Fierce Reads that I attended a few days ago (read that post here). I went in planning to only buy one book, but like any weak-willed soul good bookworm, I walked away with three, and I got all three signed as well! I also got a couple little free swag items, so without further ado, let’s get started…

Everyone who attended got one of these awesome Fierce Reads fanny packs and one of these lanyards. The lanyard had a spot on the back to fill in your name, but I didn’t have a pen or marker to fill it in with. Could probably still use the lanyard for my keys…but that fanny pack is awesome. Really sturdy material, which is great, because my old fanny pack (which I got for free at some event in college) is pretty trashed, and fanny packs are my preferred form of bag for concerts. I mean, they leave your hands completely free but they don’t flop around like a purse or backpack would!

The first book I caved and bought, I came in knowing I was going to get. I’ve had my eye on There Will Come a Darkness for ages. The author also threw in a free bookmark, so that was cool.

Up next, one I had a feeling I would want to get, and ended up seriously wanting to buy after seeing how awesome and funny and cool the author was: The Merciful Crow. Another cool personalized autograph here. (Candle was not included; I just thought the picture needed a little something more.)

Finally, I caved and got a third one: The Tenth Girl. I didn’t get this one personalized because I keep telling myself I’ll give it to a friend as a gift, but…it’s so pretty…and it sounds so good…yeah, I might end up keeping it as well. Plus it sounds so spooky and perfect for Halloween. The author threw in a bookmark and a pin, too!

She signed it with a shiny silver marker! And look at how cool her hybrid initial thing (SF) looks!

And that concludes this book (and swag) haul! What did you guys think? Read any of these yet? Want to check any of them out? Think that fanny pack is as awesome as I do? And, on a sort-of-related note, if I had a Bookstagram with pictures like these, or maybe slightly better quality, would y’all actually want to follow it?

Until next time,

Kathryn (“K-Specks”)

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