Where did you come from, where did you go? Why aren’t you posting, K-Specks, yo?

Hello, lovelies! This is a super quick update/apology, because it has been 9 days without a post and I am WAY behind on things these days. Between the festivities associated with the holidays, family members coming in from out of town, polishing up my law school applications, and binge-watching to get through the end of Friends with my mom before it gets taken off Netflix on January 1st (no, I’ve never seen it before; yes, we’re on track to finish), I’ve been a little distracted. Since I’ve been off from work (see previous mention of holidays), I haven’t had the time on train rides to write posts like usual, and I was in the middle of five books but done with none of them.

But fear not! The last applications have been submitted! I finished reading a book last night, and I’m on track to finish at least two more in the next day or two! THERE WILL BE NEW CONTENT STARTING TOMORROW!

Here are a couple things you can expect to see in forthcoming posts:

  • ARC review of Nameless Queen (which I just finished reading)
  • Christmas book haul (trust me, it’s an interesting list)
  • ARC review of The God Game (almost done)
  • Review of Someone Who Will Love You in All Your Damaged Glory (will probably finish tomorrow)
  • Another round of three audiobook mini-reviews
  • A peek inside the Always Fully Booked planner I got for this coming year (yes, a lot of people have it, but it’s so pretty!!!)
  • Possibly a short piece about how I worked my love of reading into those law school applications? Maybe?
  • Some sort of annual wrap-up, but I’m still working on what form that will take

Thanks for reading, everyone. Hope your holidays have been happy thus far, and that they continue to be bright as we approach the new year (and new decade)!

(And now, I am going to read and try to stop stressing out about how freaking nervous I am about these applications because now that they’re done, they’re out of my hands, so I can’t control anything more, and I just have to wait…for weeks, if not months…eek.)

As always,

Kathryn (“K-Specks”)

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