Contact Me!

Got something you want to ask me? Have some feedback you want delivered straight to my inbox? Please, let me know! If you want a response, please remember to fill in the box for your email address.

I am currently accepting requests to review books in print or Kindle format. I cannot promise every review will be a positive one, but I can promise that every review I write will be complete and honest.

I am MOST interested in the following genres and/or topics:

  • Young Adult, New Adult, and/or Adult
  • Fantasy
  • Literary fiction
  • Nonfiction – social science and/or psychology
  • Nonfiction – data analysis, data science, etc.
  • LGBTQIA+ (especially asexual characters)
  • Anything to do with mental health

I am USUALLY interested in the following genres, depending on the book:

  • Women’s fiction
  • Poetry
  • Science fiction
  • Mystery/thriller
  • Memoir/biography
  • Short stories
  • Humor
  • Nonfiction not already listed

I am NOT willing to review books in the following categories:

  • Christian fiction (or other overtly religious fiction)
  • Faith-based self-help
  • Erotica (seriously, this is a big nope)

That’s all from me. I look forward to hearing from you!

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