Where did all my comment sections go?

Two posts in a day? Insanity, I know, but this one isn’t about books. There is a picture of a puppy at the end, though. See, last week, when I posted my responses to the Sunshine Blogger Award, one of my followers sent me a message through my site’s Questions page, letting me know that the comments on the post were turned off for some reason. I figured it was a quirk or a glitch of some sort, but I manually went into the post’s details and fixed it. No problem, right?

Well, today, I became aware that this problem is continuing to happen, now on the majority of my posts, including the one from earlier today. I have no idea why WordPress is disabling comments, especially since:
a) In my site settings, I have it set so that all posts will automatically allow comments, and
b) They aren’t even disabled on every post, just most of them–it’s totally random.

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