In which I meet Misha Collins (no, seriously, I GOT TO MEET MISHA COLLINS!!)

Earlier this week, in my post for the Sunshine Blogger Award, I was asked to name someone I admire, and I cited Misha Collins. Best known for his work playing the angel Castiel on Supernatural, a show now in its 15th and final season, and second-best known for creating and running GISH (Greatest International Scavenger Hunt), a week-long scavenger hunt for charity that has broken 7 world records and done an impossible amount of good for the world, Misha is the definition of a celebrity who uses their work for good.

So imagine my shock when, Tuesday evening, I got a text (because Misha has taken to using a mass-texting platform to keep his fans posted on things…and also replies individually to them sometimes!) saying that he would be having a surprise pop-up visit at my local bookstore, Anderson’s Bookshop, to promote his new book.

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